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VoyagerCann is a European CBD and hemp business, capable of offering a full range of CBD and hemp-based white label and private label manufacturing and product accreditation as well as sourcing supplies of isolates and distillates and cannabinoid testing. Whatever your needs, voyagerCann has the expertise and facilities to support your aspirations from start to finish.

Based in Perth, Scotland, our services extend throughout the UK and EU.

Why VoyagerCann

  • Ready to launch formulas for your business
  • Specialists in CBD and hemp health & wellness
  • Produce products accredited for sale in the UK and EU
  • Worked with a wide range of successful innovative small businesses and larger companies



What We Offer

  • White label product range – ready to go
  • Expert advice and consulting on private label products
  • New product development and formulation
  • Research, test and manufacture of private and white label products
  • Support with packaging, labelling and shipping
CBD Extraction

White Label Products in 3 Easy Steps

From shampoo and body butter to muscle salve and healing balm, we have a wide range of quality white label CBD and hemp infused products for your business.

Choose the quality you need – we can supply small independent creatives to  national and international big brands from our laboratory in Perth, Scotland.

We can provide your products unlabelled ready for you to add branding or we can label them on your behalf before shipping.

Private White Label in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you want to expand your existing brand or are starting from scratch we can work together to craft your ideal product.

Our expert team will research and formulate samples for you to try. We can also work with you on packaging and labeling options.

Once you are happy with the fininshed formulation, we will manufacture it, bottle, label and ship direct to you – managing all the paperwork and testing along the way.

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