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Clever Cannabis Cosmetics

Authenticity and quality can be difficult to come by in the cannabis cosmetics market. New products are often rushed to market leaving quality compromised, whilst a worrying number of products are mislabelled or have uninspired formulations. Traceability is also severely lacking with most brands using cannabis, specifically ‘CBD’, as a gimmick to overcharge. Ultimately, customers are left with little choice when looking for high quality, certified and traceable topical CBD products.


At voyagerCann, we want to change the way the cosmetics industry sees CBD, and we want to change the way the CBD industry approaches CBD cosmetics. Our custom-developed formulations are based on natural ingredients that work synergistically to create effective products that serve a real purpose.


The CBD skincare market is in full bloom, with brands battling to be the first to offer extensive ranges. Both the CBD and cosmetics industries are struggling to respond to consumer demand with effective, innovative and high-quality products at the required rate. You can help satisfy the public’s desire for CBD cosmetics, whilst setting a standard for the rest of the industry to follow.

white label cosmetic

Made with high-quality natural ingredients

Third-party UK lab testing on all batches

Ready to go and compliant for sale in EU & UK

Whether you’ve been in the CBD industry for a while and are looking to expand into cosmetics or a newcomer to the cannabis market with an interest in selling CBD skincare, we can help you achieve your business goals.

We focus on creating effective and innovative cosmetics using natural ingredients working together in harmony. We pride ourselves on the quality of the raw materials we use, beginning with the highest quality CBD that is in every one of our products. 

There are two main factors that set us apart from other cannabis cosmetics on the market.

Firstly, our products have been formulated with integrity, and we can talk with knowledge and passion about our ingredients and manufacturing process because we deliver every single product ourselves, from conception to the delivery of the final result in your hands.

Secondly, we place a strong focus on the 95% of the final product that isn’t cannabis. We blend natural ingredients that have been specially selected for their synergising effects. We select our ingredients carefully, placing an important focus on sustainability and transparency.

We work hard with our supply chain partners to procure traceable, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. We source our ingredients from the UK and EU where possible, but also with local cooperatives in developing countries that help to build the economy of small communities. through fair trade practices. 

We understand that consumers are more conscious than ever before. To help you and your clients make informed decisions, we’ve labelled our products in accordance with common ethical and qualitative concerns. 

We are very aware of animal by-products in cosmetics and the only non-vegan ingredient we ever use is ethically-sourced organic beeswax. We believe it is overall better for the environment to use locally-sourced organic beeswax than other vegan wax alternatives. Thorough care is taken to ensure that there are no hidden animal by-products in any of our ingredients by demanding transparency from all our suppliers.

We also care deeply about sustainable palm oil. Where we have no other alternative but to use palm oil or palm derivatives, we will source third-party accredited and RSPO certified sustainable palm products. Vegan, palm-free and preservative-free products are clearly labelled as such both on our website and in our product brochure.

*standard white label packaging is at least 99% recyclable by weight


We have a thorough understanding of the regulations surrounding cannabis in cosmetics for the EU, the UK and North America. Cosmetic regulation is often stricter than other CBD sectors such as the food and supplement industries and it can be difficult to navigate what often reads as conflicting information. We source CBD from worldwide suppliers, only working with those who  can vouch for its quality and provenance.  In short, if the CBD has not been lab tested and batch coded, then we do not consider it suitable for our products. 


Oil Pouring

We also provide you with the peace of mind in knowing exactly what’s going in your product. We test for cannabinoid composition as standard and, through third parties, can also provide:

  • Stability Analysis

  • Terpene Analysis

  • Fragrance Allergens*

We can help you choose which is the best option for your business and we promise to be fully transparent when it comes to cannabis compliance so that all of your business decisions are informed.

We measure the amount of CBD in our products based on product density, not just weight or volume, which gives a very accurate measurement and helps us to be confident that the amount of CBD listed on the label really is the amount of CBD in the product. We back this up with complete COA’s for each batch so there’ll be no nasty surprises if your product is randomly trialled.

*compounds including flavinoids and terpenes that occur in natural and synthetic fragrances, that legally must be listed as ingredients in cosmetic products.