Laboratory Testing

Test CBD Topical and Edible Products

From CBD Distillate and Isolate to formulated CBD cosmetics and ingestibles,

voyagerCann offers in-house lab testing at competitive rates.

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Cannabinoid Testing

Our state-of-the-art facility in Poland offers cannabinoid testing for your CBD products. VoyagerCann has various industry experts in extraction, manufacturing, formulating, and lab testing to ensure our products and testing are compliant in the EU and UK.

We supply detailed Certificates of Analysis to demonstrate EU/UK compliance and for peace of mind.

Beakers of CBD Distillate

Quality Assurance

VoyagerCann’s formulators and lab experts can test the detailed quality of your CBD and CBD products.

Cannabinoid Testing

Order full testing of cannabinoid content in CBD and products.

Product Stability

Ensure product safety and stability with UK and EU-compliant lab testing for CBD and CBD products.

Certificates of Analysis

All our CBD products are provided with a certificate of analysis from our expert lab testing.

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CBD Testing in Lab