Massage has been around since 3000 BCE in India where it was considered a sacred healing practice. In Modern days, there are a large range of different massages from Thai Massage to Swedish Massage with different benefits for each. Many people go for massages to help destress, soothe sore muscles, release tension, and enjoy themselves. It can even just be an enjoyable experience that one can relax for an hour and have just a moment of relaxation to themselves. Couples often go together in couples massages to enjoy this moment of peace together as a romantic gesture. 

There are many types of massage from different cultures, different benefits, and different techniques used. One popular type of massage is called Swedish Massage which incorporates four moves; effleurage (stroking), friction (rubbing), petrissage (kneading) and tapotement (rhythmic choppings). Voyager has a blog describing in depth how to use this method here

Another popular massage technique is hot stone massage. Now this massage may seem intimidating with hot stones but the stones are heated to a safe temperature around 120° F to 140° F for ultimate comfort. The heat from the stones helps to relax muscles and release tensions in the body. 

There is also deep tissue massage, Thai Massage, reflexology, aromatherapy… the options are endless! However a new type of massage has been trending throughout the states and UK that may become a serious top contender for massages people choose. Cbd massage is one of the many CBD spa treatments becoming a luxury trend with the CBD oil market expected to grow to USD 3,095 million by 2026 (Polaris, 2020). With CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anxiety relieving properties reported by users, it’s no wonder massage therapists have been using it to further add benefits to massages. 

Hand Massage

How does CBD work with Massage?

CBD works well with deep tissue massage to penetrate muscles and provide an extra nourishing element to oils applied to the body. While massages can help relax muscles and relieve tension, CBD can be paired to further promote muscle soothing and anxiety relief. CBD also works topically as an anti-inflammatory which makes it a great additive to massage oil and body butter to moisturise and improve itchy, red skin. 

Aromatherapy and CBD in Massage 

Many Topical CBD products also incorporate aromatherapy into the products to give more benefits to the product in unison with CBD. Aromatherapy can further increase pleasure, and relieve anxiety, providing an entourage effect of CBD, massage and aromatherapy to help provide deep relaxation. Read our blog here on the added benefits of aromatherapy. 

Range of CBD Oil Products

CBD Products for Massage Therapy 

VoyagerCann offers many white label products infused with CBD with added benefits that can be used for massage therapy. Firstly, the most basic product that can be used would be the CBD Oil 1500mg. A few drops under the tongue before a massage could help with the overall experience of relaxation. 

There are two massage oils VoyagerCann offers precisely for CBD massages. One being the original CBD massage oil infused with 450mg CBD, lavender, black pepper and ylang-ylang flower extracts come together in this massage oil to encourage deep relaxation and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

The Sports Massage Oil is made with the physical ailments from sports and working out in mind. This oil can help in massage therapy for athletes and hard workers in the gym who need extra relaxation in their muscles. This sports massage oil is infused with 450mg CBD, menthol, and eucalyptus extracts which all come together to provide relief to overworked muscles and joints.

Additional products that can be used in massages are the aromatherapy + CBD pillow spray and CBD Aromatherapy roll on for an added CBD and aromatherapy experience. Spray some on the pillow before they lay down or ask them to roll on some oto their pressure points to enjoy the relaxing scents in the essential oils. 


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