Introduction to Terpenes

Terpenes are natural compounds found in a variety of plants, including cannabis, that give them their unique smells and flavours. They do not possess psychoactive properties and do not induce a  high” like cannabinoids such as THC. Instead, terpenes offer a range of potential therapeutic effects, contributing to the overall experience and possible health benefits of cannabis consumption.

Understanding Terpenes and Their Effects
Terpenes not only provide distinctive aromas and flavours to different cannabis strains but also play a significant role in influencing the effects of cannabinoids through what’s known as the entourage effect*. This synergy enhances the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids, making them more effective when combined with terpenes.

Why We Use Terpenes in White Label Products?
In the world of white label CBD products, terpenes are invaluable for several reasons:

Why Use Terpenes in White Label Products

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Customisation and Differentiation
When added to white label products, which are generic and unbranded, terpenes can make these products stand out by giving them specific aromas and effects. This customisation allows businesses to create unique products that appeal to different customer preferences, helping them differentiate their brand in the market. Whether it’s relaxation, pain relief, or mood enhancement, terpene-infused products offer a personalised experience for the consumer’s needs.

Aromatherapy Benefits
Terpenes add distinct smells and flavours to CBD products, making them more enjoyable to use. These scents can also help improve mood and relaxation through aromatherapy. By including terpenes with nice smells and helpful properties, our white-label CBD products can offer a complete wellness experience.

Market Demand
With the growing demand for natural and holistic wellness solutions, consumers increasingly seek CBD products infused with terpenes. VoyagerCann can help you capitalise on this trend by offering a diverse range of terpene-infused products that cater to various wellness needs and preferences.

Common Terpenes and Their Benefits

Terpenes types for essential oils and aromatic nature flavors outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene and terpinolene examples  illustrations

Aroma: Earthy, musky with hints of cloves
Known for its potential to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and promote relaxation.

Aroma: Pine needles, earthy, fresh
Responsible for the natural smell of pine trees it is noted for reducing inflammation, helping with breathing by opening up airways, and supporting lung health

Aroma: Spicy, peppery, woody
Present in black pepper this terpene is possibly good for digestive health as well as being known for its calming and mood-lifting effects, it’s a go-to for helping you to relax and feel better overall.

Aroma: Citrus, lemon, orange
Noted for its ability to reduce anxiety and enhance mood.

Aroma: Floral, herbal, fruity
Terpinolene acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage. It also helps with sleep as it has sedative effects, and it fights against bacteria and fungi.

The Encourage Effect

The Entourage Effect Proportion horizontal infographic illustration about cannabis as herbal alternative medicine and chemical therapy, healthcare and medical science vector.

*The entourage effect is a term used to describe the synergistic interaction between various compounds found in cannabis, including cannabinoids like THC and CBD, as well as terpenes and other phytochemicals. In simple terms, it is like teamwork among the different parts of a cannabis plant. Imagine you have a basketball team with different players. Each player has their own skills, but when they work together, they can achieve more than if they played alone.

In cannabis, there are different compounds like THC, CBD, and terpenes. When these compounds are used together, they can make each other’s effects stronger. It’s like they’re helping each other out to provide better results than if they were used separately. This teamwork is called the entourage effect, and it’s one reason why using whole cannabis products might be more effective than using just one compound on its own.